The Westchase Holiday Market is an annual event supporting our local artists and craftspeople, as well as raising money for Autism Speaks.  All proceeds from vendor registrations and sponsors, after expenses met, are donated to Autism Speaks.  All raffle and silent proceeds are donated to Autism Speaks as well.

It started nine years ago on a whim - a few friends getting together to share their creative ideas.  From there it grew to a larger event that inspired its director to give back to the community.  Donations to Autism Speaks are given to the local chapter, and go back into local grants and assistance.

What are people saying about the Westchase Holiday Market?

"It was a really nice event with vendors who were so very, very friendly.  It means a lot to have vendors explain their work with enthusiasm and who seem interested in their potential buyers.” - Happy Customer

"Please let me just say thanks for hosting such a wonderful event and inviting us all to be a part of it; let alone, be beneficiaries of such generous donations. The people were so welcoming, friendly, curious, and talented!  It was a pleasure to see all the great local talent. I hope to be partnered with your events more often in the future.”  - Rep for Autism Speaks

"First, thank you for having me. It was a great event. Sales were great. I would love to return next year.”  - Vendor

"The Westchase Holiday Market was great. I had a great time being there, sharing with other, and selling my products - I had a very good selling day and am very happy to know we supported a very worthy cause." - Vendor

"You really have built something special here!” - Christopher Barrett, WOW Publisher