As I prepare for the final Westchase Holiday Market, I am filled with a mix of happy and sad. Happy that in the course of our run, we have raised over $23,000.00 for Autism Speaks, happy that I’ve met so many artists and craftspeople through the years who have inspired me, happy that I’ve had such wonderful volunteers each and every year to help pull this wonderful event off……..

But there’s sadness, too. All endings are sad in a way, a necessary change. I look forward to new horizons, new projects, new challenges to conquer, but those things cannot be realized without letting some things go. This year, my eldest son went off to college. Talk about letting things go!! It’s sad in a way, but happy too. He’s meant to go and find his bliss. And I guess, so am I.

So here’s to new beginnings and happy endings!! May the last Westchase Holiday Market be the very best it can be!!

Jennifer Lukas Joyner, Director

Westchase Holiday Market



We are getting ready for the Market, and there’s so much going on! Our marketing began in September, with many Facebook and social media sites, print media, and emails sending our “Call for Artists”. We are just about full inside! Incredible response so far. We have more room outside under cover, and tent spaces as well. Our raffle team has been gathering donations already for our raffle baskets and silent auction items, which, as usual, will have its own tent at the front of the golf club. Rockatar has signed on again this year, and Santa is lined up and ready to go! So many people are working tirelessly this early to make the Market the best it can be, and I am so thankful for all of them. Through this process I’ve met so many creative and giving people. That’s been my true reward.